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How to write effective Quora Marketing answers

How to write an effective Quora marketing answer

Quora marketing has quite effective impact on the ranking of a brand. Quora is a world wide popular forum, where you can get the solution for any type of problem. You can refer Quora for any small or big question of your life. This problem solving feature of Quora has make it a best platform for marketing of brands via world renowned platform named Quora.

Through my article, I would like to draw the attention of people towards the writing skills on Quora. I wanted to tell you How to write effective Quora Marketing answers?


Writing a Quora answer is an art for creators and writers. because you are giving a solution of a problem. So you have to be precise and accurate. Here are 5 things to keep in mind while writing a Quora marketing answer:


Make sure that you are giving a reliable solution to the question. You have to give an accurate answer that can solve the problem of the person. You can’t make him lost through your high end critical language. You should answer by keeping yourself in his/her shoes. If your answer has the solution, then only your Quora marketing campaign can be successful otherwise it will be a waste of efforts and time.

Solve the problem


As we know that we are using Quora for marketing our brand through this big platform. But always keep in mind that when you give an answer, you must sound like an advertiser. Because today’s readers are well aware. They know the tricks of marketers now. So, sound like a problem solver. Don’t make it obvious that you are marketing your brand via Quora. It may increase the chance of ban. And if you are sounding like an advertiser, then the person it can become an advertisement more than solution. So, you must not sound like an advertiser. If you find it difficult or stuck in writing a Quora answer in appropriate form, then you can use professional tools like The YT Lab and LenosTube for guiding you in writing an appropriate answer.


While mentioning about your product or service, always make sure to highlight the function. Because now the functioning ability of brand has worth rather then its picture or name. Nowadays, people give more value to the functional ability of product or service. See when we purchase a product, we need a demonstration of its working, similarly on Quora also you should mention thee functioning ability in simple language that can solve the respective issue of the person. So, make sure to highlight the function.

Highlight the function


While writing a Quora marketing answer, make sure that you are not mentioning price in your answer, because it can make the reader in different tangent. You are dong the positioning of your brand via answering a question. So, only the brand name and functional ability is well enough for the reader. Price mentioning can make the reader disinterested sometimes. If your account is well ranked, then you can mention price in some answers, but majorly you should avoid it. Price quotation work can be done effectively by your main website, Quora can bring users towards your main website. So. don’t mention the price.


Always make sure that your answer is error free. You can’t afford grammatical or spelling mistakes while writing a Quora marketing answer. because you are representing your brand. Small mistakes can become an obstacles in the brand positioning. So, always read your answer before posting. Proof read it. Make sure that your reference brand link is working. Make sure that spellings are correct. If your answer is error free, it will only increase chances of high views and high views are essential for your brand image. A great website is one which is error free, similarly a great Quora answer is one which is error free.

Error Free


Quora marketing has directly proportional relationship with the search engine ranking. Because Quora has great ranking ability. Once your brand gets ranked via Quora, then no one can stop your brand from getting a good rank on search engines. Quora marketing has high role in lead generation.

How to write effective Quora Marketing answers

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