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About Me


What is my story?


I used to work for different companies as marketing manager. And over the years, I specialized in executing different forms of marketing. I have good experience of Forum marketing and comment marketing. I want to contribute my role in growth of digital marketing by sharing my knowledge.

The focus: Forum Marketing

I am here to share my practical knowledge regarding Forum marketing. Through this website, I am going share all reliable strategies, tricks, tools, and technology for forum marketing. Forum marketing is one of the useful form of digital marketing. I am going to share:

  • Methods of Forum Marketing
  • Strategies to conduct Forum marketing.
  • Helpful tools or Forum marketing
  • Latest trends in Forum marketing
  • Practical application or Forum marketing
How can my blog help you

How can my blog help you?

I can help you in conducting a well planned Forum marketing campaign for your brand via simple, doable, reliable, and working processes and tools. I can also recommend measuring tricks for your brand positioning planning. You can get useful information about:

  • Working procedure of Forum marketing
  • Positives and negatives of Forum marketing
  • Manual as well as automation tricks
  • Recommend affordable tools
  • Assist in brand image development via forums.
  • Organic Growth


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